Vienna Security Week 2018

The week from January 29, 2018 to February 2, 2018 it will be held the International Multistakeholder Conference, Training & Exhibition devoted to Protecting Critical Energy Infrastructure. The event is devoted to cyber security for critical infrastructure with focus on the energy sector. The organizers are the Austrian Institute of Technology, the Austrain Cybersecurity Platform, and the Energypact Foundation, the latter being a non-profit organization based in Vienna, whose mission is to promote the balanced use of energy sources with the objective of reconciling innovation, economic development and the protection of the environment. EnergyPact Foundation has increasingly focused on cyber security for the energy sector.

Activities planned for the week are the information exchange for discussion on strategies and good practices in advancing the security of cyberspace and critical energy infrastructure; the discussion on the state of the art technologies and their practical implementation for building cyber resilience; the organization of lectures to build awareness of the cyber threats, the associated risks and to sound programmatic elements for cyber protection and mitigation; and the exhibition & demonstration of commercial and research technologies to enhance cyber security and their application within the energy sector.

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