Successful public workshop in Roma Tre University

The second public workshop of ATENA project organized by University Roma Tre and the AIIC has met together lot of professional and students in the auditorium of the university.

After an introduction by Silvano Bari vice-president of AIIC and Prof Stefano Panzieri of the University Roma Tre, the ATENA project manager Paolo Pucci from Lenardo SPA has given an overview of the project i.e. its objectives  and its first results.

After this general presentation, members of the consortium has presented the key points of the project and of the future system solution i.e.:

  • the modeling systems
  • the detection layer
  • the risk prediction and decision system

The presentation has been followed by a round table to response to the audience questions and to collect the expectations. Among the topic discussed, a responsible of ACOA has underlined that security is never achieved and will always be improved. Moreover, security will not based on fixed cyber-shield which will always pass by the attacker, but considered as moving defense driving the attacker where you want to analyse his attack and enhance your defense accordingly.

The participants of the workshop are invited to give their feedback in the following survey here (thanks in advance for your participation).

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