Second workshop session of the ATENA project from January 29th to February 1st held in Haifa/ISRAEL

On January 29th the international partners of the Atena project, gathered at the IEC facilities in Haifa/ Israel for a four-days long workshop. This workshop session was the second of five workshop sessions that will be held throughout the project and was dedicated to modelling a simulation platform that considers the different infrastructure types (water, gas and electricity) and their possible interdependencies. On top of that, this session allowed the partners from IEC (Israel Electric Corporation) and SWDE (Société Wallonne des Eaux) to present their validation platform, the expected simulations, possible interdependencies scenarios, etc.

Here a short overview of the Workshop’s schedule:

  • Sunday January 29th: Morning visit of the electricity plant of IEC including the gas and steam turbines by referring to their cogeneration. In the Afternoon, IEC presented their different emulsifiers and software’s (TestBed).
  • Monday January 30th: Morning presentation of IEC’s emulsifiers and software’s. Afternoon presentation from SWDE about their water distribution architecture and their TestBed.
  • Tuesday January 31st: Morning presentation of a multiple use tool that is based on a ROA (Return On Assets) model. This tool is showing some of the multiple interdependencies between gas and electricty infrastructures. Afternoon discussion about the different Atena workpackages: detection, architecture, prediction and mitigation system.
  • Wednesday February 1st: Morning discussion about the future project management and dissemination strategy of the project.

In a publication from December 2016, the European Union Agency For Network And Information Security (ENISA) refers to the importance of increasing the security standards for the use of network communication in SCADA/ICS systems. This publication has no direct link to the ATENA project, however its purpose and message definitely are very well connected to ATENA. Making the connection between the publication and the ATENA project, you can see in how far ATENA is responding to the needs of security improvement of the European Union. ENISA publication

(picture: Atena partners visiting the IEC electricity plant in Haifa)

(picture: IEC tower in Haifa)

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