The President of the European Commission advocates for the creation of a European Cybersecurity Agency.

On September 13, 2017, the President of the European Commission, Jean- Claude Juncker, has given a speech on the State of the Union Address 2017 at the European Parliament. Apart from speaking about the economic recovery, the lowering of unemployment, that the public deficits have been brought down from 6.6% to 1.6%, as well as other matters related to trading, and climate change, he has emphasized the necessity of working hard on cybersecurity. Mr Juncker has said that “Cyber-attacks can be more dangerous to the stability of democracies and economies than guns and tanks” and has recognized that Europe is still not well prepared to tackle Cyber-attacks. To fix the problem he has proposed to develop more tools including the establishment of a European Cybersecurity Agency in order to help defend Cyber-attacks.

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