SWDE: Société Wallonne des Eaux

SWDESWDE is a Belgium Water Operator for the Wallonia Region. Its main tasks are producing and distributing drinking water, meeting and anticipating customer needs, developing and providing the treatment, transport and abstraction infrastructure, ensuring quality control.

SWDE contributes to the project ATENA as SCADA operator and Water distributor. In that aim, it will provide expertise especially for the State of the Art and the taxonomies definition regarding control systems and water management. It offers its expertise to set up the ATENA tools (requirements, detection and analysis tools design) to be in line with security requirements of water management operators.It will contribute to defining security indicators, adapting security detection systems, risk analysis and mitigation strategies, and designing the expert systems usable for water operators.

14_20141006160050The SWDE is in charge with the FOREM of an Expertise Center in order to provide a real test platform for new systems but also to provide awareness for public and professional audience. This expertise center and other IT platforms deployed by SWDE is planned be used to validate the ATENA tools in environment as real as possible.

Finally, SWDE will foster the dissemination results of the project in the professional sector of water treatment and distribution.

SWDE site web: www.swde.be