University of Roma Tre

ROMA3University of Roma TRE (ROMA3) and its members, during the last years, have been elected as consultants for CIP and CIIP activities, by several industrial and governmental entities (Companies from FINMECCANICA Group, Italian Prime Minister Office, ENEA, etc), acquiring a valuable knowledge about mechanisms and architectures of actual Critical Infrastructures both at national and European level.

The research group involved in ATENA project is mainly composed by two laMCIPlab.it_boratories: the research group on Models for Critical Infrastructure Protection (MCIPlab) and the research group on Digital Signal Processing, Multimedia and Optical Communications Group (COMLAB).

The research topics of MCIPlab are in the field of Critical Infrastructure Protection and actually the main activities are on improved interdependency modelling and simulation of complex systems using CISIApro tool, the analysis of SCADA network vulnerabilities against the control system, and the development of reaction and mitigation strategies with possible appliances.

The research topics of COMLAB in the field of security are mainly focused on the definition of a Software Defined Security (SDS) system able to integrate the Industrial and Automation Control Systems (IACS) security design, the distributed awareness, mitigation and resiliency functionalities into a unique framework able to dynamically and proactively react to the evolving threats by enforcing the most appropriate security policies in each CI node.

By the participation to this project, ROMA3 expects to acquire experience and technology knowledge about a set of different critical infrastructures, such as energy systems, water and gas networks and ICT technologies. These results will be very beneficial for the development of the project, and for the research activities of ROMA3 on the security and safety of cyber-physical systems and on risk management. The acquired know-how will have a large dissemination among companies of the area, enrolling several researchers into development tasks, in order to corroborate the formation of an essential critical mass at European level. The activities carried out during the project will also have a positive impact on teaching activities.

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