Leonardo S.p.A.

LeonardoSpALeonardo S.p.A. (former Finmeccanica) is a global player in the high-tech sectors and a major operator worldwide in the Aerospace, Defence and Security sectors. Leonardo is based in Italy, has about 47,000 employees (latest update 11/30/2015), of whom about 37% abroad, and in 2014 recorded 14.6 billion euro in revenues and received orders in the amount of 15.6 billion. Based on the dual application of technologies, Leonardo designs and creates products, systems, services and integrated solutions both for the defense sector and for public and private customers of the civil sector, both in Italy and abroad.

The wide range of defence and security solutions that Leonardo offers to Governments, private citizeserveimagens and Institutions includes every possible intervention scenario: airborne and terrestrial, naval and maritime, space and cyberspace. In close contact with local customers and partners, Leonardo works every day to strengthen global security, provide essential physical protection and cybersecurity services for people, territories and infrastructure networks and supports scientific and technological research.

Leonardo operates in about 20 countries with offices and industrial plants in all of the five continents and can rely on a very large network of subsidiaries, joint ventures and international partnerships, with significant industrial presence in three main markets, United Kingdom, Poland and United States and structured partnerships in the most important high potential markets in the world.

Leonardo S.p.A. is the culmination of a radical renewal and transformation process: from a financial holding company to a great integrated industry focused on four activity sectors: Helicopters, Aeronautics, Electronics, Defence and Security Systems, Space. Leonardo operates through seven divisions that have inherited the activities of its 100% owned companies (AgustaWestland, Alenia Aermacchi, Selex ES, OTO Melara and WASS): Helicopters, Aircraft, Aerostructures, Airborne & Space Systems, Land & Naval Defence Electronics, Defence Systems, Security & Information Systems.

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