itrust Consulting s.à.r.l

itrustitrust – acronym for: “Information Techniques and Research for Ubiquitous Security and Trust” – advises its customers coming from the public, financial, and private sector on how to protect their information against divulgation, manipulations and unavailability. The company acquires know-how in engineering and sciences, enabling it to find the economically appropriate solution for a particular security requirement. itrust participates in international Research and Development projects, applies norms and security controls, and develops information processing techniques, covering topics like Information Security Management Systems, Risk Management, Digital Signature, Cryptology, Internet Security, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Security and Space, Computer Forensic, etc.

malwarelu-logoitrust has performed audits and intrusion tests on SCADA systems, consulted the Ministry of Economy on Critical Infrastructure Protection, developed tools for its own risk assessment methodology TRICK based on ISO 27005 and 27001, a workflow tool for security incidents management and communication. itrust has an agreement with the national electricity distributor and gas operator CREOS to access SCADA data for the validation phase of this project. During the project, itrust intends to develop new security product as antivirus solution based on its current version AVCaesar and vulnerability assessment solution for both IT and SCADA networks based on TRICK service analysis tools.


During the project, ITRUST will bring its competencies in risk analysis, incident handling strategy, forensic analysis,reverse engineering, malware analysis, tree attack methodology, and will provide development of risk analysis tools, vulnerability analysis tools and forensic tools. The project ATENA will be the opportunity to enhance knowledge on IACS security and risk analysis logo-AVCaesardedicated to IACS, to set up a dedicated CERT linked to his own CERT, to bring ATENA tool to ML7, so that it can build its “Security as a service” offers for CI operators on these tools.

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