Israel Electrical Corporation

IECIEC was established in 1923. IEC is a sole integrated electric utility in the State of Israel. IEC generates, transmits and distributes substantially all the electricity in the State of Israel and it is one of the largest industrial companies in Israel. IEC has close relationship with the Government of Israel. IEC is a primary electricity supplier in Israel providing all Israel electricity demand requirements.
IEC installed capacity: about 13,6 GWatt over 5,886 km electrical network. Number of customers: about 2.7 million.

Electrical ProdIEC
IEC has professional multidisciplinary staff is in charge of design, purchase, erection, operation and maintenance of all generation and transmission activities, ICT design and maintenance, system engineering including requirement management and concept design of complex system. IEC is equipped with various Lab’s (Electrical, Metering, Communication, Remote Command and Control, etc.) including equipment, tools and technical staff with “how-know” knowledge for conducting all kind of projects in the area of energy generation, transmission and distribution till LV consumers, ICT, “smart grids” and infrastructure security.

IEC illustration
IEC is currently involved in some H2020 projects like: energy, ICT, “smart grid” and critical infrastructure security.
IEC usually contributes in the Validation Work Package (WP leader), User requirements, requirements management and tools, use cases, reference and validation scenarios.

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