IBS: Institut of Baltic Studies

IBSInstitute of Baltic Studies (IBS) is an independent non-profit research and development centre that aims at assisting the development of public policy in the Baltic Sea region by providing high-quality socio-economic analysis. With our activities we aim at contributing to the increase of knowledge and understanding of the development challenges and opportunities facing Estonia in particular and Baltic Sea region in general.

IBS was founded in order to promote Baltic studies using new opportunities offered by information and communication technologies. In the first years the institute focused on different themes related to development of information society in the region. Several research and development projects were carried out ranging from early e-government initiatives to development of life long learning. With time, the focus of our activities has increasingly shifted to policy support activities, but we continue seeking, in addition to theoretical knowledge, to provide practical inputs for various public and private initiatives.

TartuUniversityThe IBS recent ICT policy research activities include the analysis of the emergence of global innovation networks in the field of ICTs, ICT foresight and priority setting for future ICT RTD investment. This includes the analysis of emerging socio-economic challenges and development of technology roadmaps that allow for turning the above challenges into new ICT products and services. The IBS has also substantial expertise in analysing privacy and ethical aspects of new technologies.

IBS site web: www.ibs.ee