ENEA: Agenzia Nationale per le nuove technologie, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development

ENEAENEA is the name for the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. The Agency’s activities are targeted to research, innovation technology and advanced services in the fields of energy – especially nuclear. ENEA performs research activities and provides agency services in support to public administrations, public and private enterprises, and citizens.

The Computation and Modelling unit (UTMEA-CAL) of ENEA carries out R&D activities on the new frontiers of modelling methods and tools for reliability/dependability/quality of service evaluation, with current emphasis on modelling and analysis of large complex interconnected systems. The focus is on the investigation of risk based methodologies, qualitative and quantitative indicators, multi formalism and multi solution methods and tools for Quality of Service measures (in terms of performances, reliability and dependability) of large interconnected technological networks, including power grids and telco networks at regional/national level. UTMEA-CAL takes part in many European Commission initiatives focused on ICT applications on energy and telecommunication sectors within the framework of Critical Information Infrastructure Protection. Limited to the last years, UTMEA-CAL has been involved in several EU Projects: SAFETUNNEL, SAFEGUARD, ACIP, CI2RCO, IRRIIS only to mention the projects in FP5, FP6 and is currently active in FP7 MICIE Project. ENEA is also active within EPCIP – European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection on the following projects: MIA, NEISAS, ASTROM.


ENEA has a large expertise on the new frontiers of modelling methods and tools for reliability/ dependability/quality of service evaluation. Special emphasis is on modelling and analysis of large complex interconnected systems against adverse events such as faults, cyber-physical threats, challenges to “normal” operation. In ATENA, ENEA contribute is mainly on the extraction of knowledge from CI domains, hybrid modelling approach and in Verification and Validation. ENEA will be lead WP2 – Unified modelling framework and models to predict physical flow efficiency and resilience across CIs against adverse events on their IACS. ENEA will contribute to the identification of functional requirements of ATENA modules along the dedicated WPs, with the final objective of contributing to their verification and validation. Within Validation ENEA is also leader of the task “Modelling of the ATENA prototype”.

ENEA web site: www.enea.it