CREOSCREOS is the only electricity and natural gas distributor in Luxembourg. CREOS manages the distribution and the control of the distribution over almost 10.000 km electrical network and 2000 km natural gas network with 774,2 MW electricity peak and 250KNm3/h gas peak, to provide electricity and gas coming from neighboring countries such as Belgium, France and Germany. This situation enforces its attention on the interdependencies of networks to ensure service continuity to end-users (both industrial and citizens).

CREOS networks

According to the European objectives 20-20-20 for energy saving, CREOS is part of the new organization of the electricity and gas distribution basing on the new technologies of smart grid (especially smart metering) and is participating to research project (such as SGL Cockpit with Luxembourg University and itrust consulting) in order to deploy securely such technology.


In ATENA project, CREOS will able to provide is dual expertise in electricity and gas distribution, and also in security of the Smart Grid. Moreover it will provide testing facilities on electricity and gas test network in order to validate the ATENA tools in the most real environment as possible. It will also able to disseminate in the professional network the results and the standards requirements set up during the projects.

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