To be able to reach its objectives, ATENA project relies on a specific task force including end-users, industrial partners, research centers and private companies, all experts in the network security sector, IACS security, modeling approach and real-time software development.

Therefore, the ATENA consortium brings together thirteen, harmonious partners coming from 8 different countries, in Europe and Israel. Each of them is an expert in one or several security fields. Most of the partners, were already involved in the previous European FP7 projects CockpitCI and MICIE. The consortium includes industrial partners (Leonardo  and Sapienza SL), end-users (IEC, CREOS and SWDE), SMEs (itrust and Multitel), Research Centres (ENEA, IBS and CRAT) and Universities (University du Luxembourg, University of Roma Tre and University of Coïmbra). (click on the logo to get more information about partner)