ATENA Papers published in peer-reviewed journals, books and conference proceedings:

Scientific journals


[1] R. Perez, F. Adamsky, R. Soua, T. Engel, “Forget the Myth of the Air Gap: Machine Learning for Reliable Intrusion Detection in SCADA Systems”, in submission process, 2018 (on-going) Abstract


[1] B. Stewart, L. Rosa, L. Maglaras, T. Cruz, M. Amine Ferrag, P. Simões, H. Janicke “Novel Intrusion Detection Mechanism for SCADA systems that Automatically Adapts to Changes in Network Topology“, EAI Transactions in Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems (INISCOM 2016 Special Edition with extended papers), January 2017Abstract

[2] C. Foglietta, C. Palazzo, D. Masucci, R. Santini, S. Panzieri, T. Cruz, L. Rosa, L. Lev, “From Detecting Cyber Attacks to Mitigating Risk Within a Hybrid Environment”, IEEE Systems Journal, 2017 (on-going) Abstract


[1] Cruz T., Simões P. and Monteiro E., “Using virtualization techniques for improving SCADA ICS Security and Reliability“, submitted to the Journal of Information Warfare – ISSN 1445 (online) / ISSN 445-3312. (printed)

[2] Cruz T., Simões P. and Monteiro E. (2016), “Virtualizing Programmable Logic Controllers: Towards a Convergent Approach”, in IEEE Embedded Systems Letters, vol. 8, no. 4, December 2016, doi: 10.1109/LES.2016.2608418.Abstract

[3] Cruz T., Queiroz R., Simões P., Monteiro E. (2016), “Leveraging virtualization technologies to improve SCADA ICS security”, Journal of Information Warfare, 15.3: 81-100 81, ISSN 1445-3312 (print) / 1445-3347 (online). Abstract

[4] G. Alonge, E. Ciancamerla,A. Mastrilli, M. Minichino, A. Nicotra, M. Ranno, M. Reali, P. Regina “Towards energy efficiency of interdependent urban networks”  Int. J. Simulation and Process Modelling, Vol. 11, No. 6, 2016.Abstract

Conference papers


[1] R. Perez, F. Adamsky, R. Soua, T. Engel, “Machine Learning for Reliable Network Attack
Detection in SCADA Systems, EEE International Conference On Trust, Security And Privacy In Computing And Communications (IEEE TrustCom-18), 2018  Abstract


[1 Proença J., Cruz T., Simões P., Gaspar G., Parreira B., Laranjeira A. and Bastos F. (2017), “Building an NFV-Based vRGW: lessons learned”, in proc. of the 14th Annual IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC 2017), Las Vegas, USA, January  2017, pp. 73-78.Abstract

[2] Rosa L., Cruz T., Simões P., Monteiro E. and Lev L. (2017), “Attacking SCADA systems: a practical perspective”, in proc. of the 15th IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Management (IM 2017), Lisbon, Protugal, 8-12th May 2017.Abstract

[3] Muller S., Harpes C., Le Traon Y., Gombault S., Bonnin J.-M. and Hoffmann P. (2017), “Dynamic Risk Analyses Based on a Risk Taxonomy for Critical Infrastructures”, CRITIS Conference, Paris, France, October 2016. (accepted paper: publication in Spring 2017)

[4] Rosa, L. and Proença, J.D.G. and Henriques, J.P. and Graveto, V. and Tiago Cruz and Simões, P. and Caldeira, F. and Edmundo Monteiro, An evolved security architecture for distributed Industrial Automation and Control Systems” in 16th European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security (ECCWS 2017). Abstract

[5] Lima, A. and Tiago Cruz and Sousa, B. and Simões, P, “Security monitoring for mobile device assets: a survey”, in 12th International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security – ICCWS 2017. Abstract

[6]  A. Di Giorgio, A. Giuseppi, F. Liberati, A. Ornatelli, A. Rabezzano and L. R. Celsi, “On the optimization of energy storage system placement for protecting power transmission grids against dynamic load altering attacks,” 2017 25th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation (MED), Valletta, 2017, pp. 986-992

[7] A. Di Giorgio, A. Giuseppi, F. Liberati and A. Pietrabissa, “Controlled electricity distribution network black start with energy storage system support,” 2017 25th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation (MED), Valletta, 2017, pp. 781-786


[1] Masucci D., Foglietta C., Palazzo C. and Panzieri S. (2016), “Improved Multi-Criteria Distribution Network Reconfiguration with Information Fusion”, 19th International Conference on Information Fusion (FUSION), Heidelberg, Germany, July 2016, pp.256-263.Abstract

[2] Santini R., Gasparri A., Pasqualetti F, “Network Composition for Optimal Disturbance Rejection”, American Control Conference (ACC), Boston, MA, USA, July 2016, pp.3764-3769.Abstract

[3] Foglietta C., Corbò G., Palazzo C. and Panzieri S. (2016), “Smart Behavioural Filter for SCADA Network”, submitted at 2nd EAI International Conference on Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems, Leicester, UK, October – November 2016.Abstract

[4] Cruz T., Simões P. and Monteiro E. (2016), “Security implications of SCADA ICS virtualization: survey and future trends”, in ECCWS 2016 – 15th European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security, Munich, Germany, 7 – 8th July 2016, ISBN: 978-1-910810-93-4.Abstract

[5] E. Ciancamerla, B. Fresilli, M. Minichino, T. Patriarca, “Cyber attacks on SCADA of critical infrastructures by an hybrid testbed “Proceeding of 13th International Multidisciplinary Modeling and Simulation Multiconference (I3M 2016), Larnaca, Cyprus 26-28 September 2016, Editors: Agostino Bruzzone, Robert Sottilare, ISBN: 978-1-5108-3084.Abstract

[6] E. Ciancamerla, M.C. Falvo, L. Martirano, M. Minichino “Active distribution grids: a MatLab-Simulink tool for energy performance analysis”, AEIT 2016 annual international conference, Capri 5-7 october 2016.Abstract