In the News


1) Paolo Pucci (FNM) (with interview by a journalist), article “Soluzioni ICT per la sicurezza
delle infrastrutture critiche (Italian) / New ICT Solutions to Protect Critical Infrastructure
(English)” in periodic journal “PLATINUM”, page 109, issue April 2019. Click here

2) ITRUST planned another magazine article at the end of the Validation before or after the final review meeting to communicate the result to interested parties.

3) SAPIENZA SL is registered in Cordis Wire, the Commission media channel to publish project news and events. A feature on the advances of ATENA is in preparation. This venue has been used to publicize the Luxembourg and Rome workshops of 2018 and 2019 respectively (see here and here), as well as an item on the final phases of the
project (here).


1) Stefano Panzieri (UNIROMA3) (with interview by a journalist), article “The future of
industrial cyber security” (English) in periodic journal “PLATINUM”, page 84, issue 31, July
2018. In July 2018, describing the activities of University Roma TRE in the ATENA project. Click here

2) ITRUST: press release to publicize the results of the ATENA Public workshop that took place in October 2018. Click here


1) Paolo Pucci (FNM) (with interview by a journalist), article “L’informatica a garanzia della
sicurezza (Italian) / Safer Systems with Information Technology (English)” in periodic
journal “PLATINUM”, page 71, issue November 2017. Click here

2) Alessia Galli, Paolo Pucci (FNM) article in company magazine “POLARIS Innovation
Journal”, issue 32, Nov. 2017, pages 51-54. Click here

3) 10/2017 Press release provided by Gabriele Beccaria (journalist) on the 2nd Public Workshop in weekly journal “TuttoScienze”, issue 4 October 2017, page. 29. Click here. The project ATENA is mentioned, as a consequence of dissemination to journalists during the Cybertech Europe conference. “TuttoScienze” is a weekly supplement to the newspaper “La Stampa” printed in Italy but also distributed abroad (more than 1.1 million readers). It is reserved to news in the area of science and technological innovation (StampaOnLine).


1) Leonardo press release in TIEMS – The International Emergency Management Society
newsletter, issue 28, ISSN 2033-1614, pages 79-80, November 2016. Click here

2) Article “Keeping the lights on” in “CYBERTECH EUROPE: The official guide ”, special
issue magazine for Cybertech Europe 2016 Conference & Exhibition, pages 28-30,
September 2016. Click here

3) Press release in CREOS and itrust website for the 1st ATENA workshop (10/2016). Click here