WP8: Project dissemination and commercial strategy

This work package, led by itrust consulting, aims to disseminate the ATENA project results as well as to define a strategy to set up the commercialisation of ATENA’s tools suite. The objectives of this work package are as follows:

  • Effectively plan and implement the dissemination strategy of project results aligned with the target markets.
  • Create and foster scientific contributions to the research community and raise public awareness about the project.


To attain the objectives described above, the work package is split in several independent tasks in order to cover the overall aspects of the dissemination. To improve the dissemination of the ATENA project’s Marketing-V3concepts and methodology, the consortium will participate on both standardisation activities in the IT, IACS security and CIP/CIIP fields and to international events, congress and workshops (including the production of paper and ATENA tools suite exhibition). To facilitate the design of a reliable commercialisation strategy, commercial and training materials regarding the ATENA tools will be set up according to the end-users’ expectancies and Intellectual Property rights analysis will be foster for new systems and tools developed during the project. Finally, a continual impact assessment of the solution will be performed to assess the correctiveness of the design to the future users expectancies and project specifications.


Work to do

  1. Workshops and seminars targeting the industry and academia to showcase ATENA project results and to prepare the way for a successful commercial exploitation of the project’s outcomes.
  2. Exploration of new business paradigms and establishment of an effective plan for the exploitation and commercialisation of the foreground produced in ATENA.
  3. Definition of commercial solution design by providing relevant feedback on market expectancies.
  4. Dissemination and communication channels (web site, social networks etc.) to contribute to the solution acceptance in the targeted market.
  5. Management of overall dissemination strategy of the project to unify and increase the impact of dissemination.

Expected results

  • A real dissemination of ATENA concepts and tools all over the  European market, especially in IACS and IACS/ICT Security markets.
  • Standardisation organisation’s agreement with the main innovative concepts of ATENA project.
  • A clear and reliable commercial strategy for the ATENA tools suite
  • A clear vision of IPR and distribution channels for the ATENA tools suite components.

Tasks break down

  • Task 8.1 – Standardisation and open source contribution
  • Task 8.2 – Training, dissemination and communication activities
  • Task 8.3 – Exploitation management and business model development
  • Task 8.4 – Protection of property rights – IPR
  • Task 8.5 – Impact assessmentBackButton