WP7: Validation and evaluation

This work package, led by IEC, will ensure the validation and evaluation tasks of the ATENA tools suite in a near-real production environment according to the use cases defined during the project. The ATENA project will use the Smart Validation concept that includes integration of modelling, hybrid environment for development and validation, integration of user requirements and remote access to the real equipment and resources.


Integration of advanced emulation of CIs, historical data, use cases based modelling of the ATENA prototype, and real ATENA prototype will allow to provide a first class level of the experimentally-driven research in the ATENA project. Based on the Hybrid Development and Validation Environment (HEDVa), IEC, with contribution of ATENA partners, will develop the validation environment for validation of ATENA prototype and ATENA use cases. ATENA development and validation environment will be extended and enhanced to include the possibility of several emulators that will be remotely connected and integrated from the ATENA partners’ labs and will include the following features: multidisciplinary knowledge of IACS, requirement management, remote access to the HEDVa resources in the real time, access to the real data traffic and data storage, data security capabilities, legal provisioning (data protection, knowledge privacy).


Expected results

Demonstrate the operational level of the ATENA tools suite on advanced reference scenarios constituted by several CIs and their IACS: e.g., a smart electrical grid, a telecommunication network, a smart gas network, a smart water network at regional/ urban level. More precisely :

  1. ATENA development and validation environment
  2. Customized use cases for ATENA prototype validation
  3. Modelling of the ATENA prototype results
  4. Recommendations for ATENA validation implementation, data integration for distributed simulation systems
  5. Emulators for ATENA development and validation environment HEDVa, field trials.
  6. ATENA prototypes validation, validation results evaluation and recommendations for the future implementation of ATENA prototype.

Tasks work down

  • Task 7.1 – Use cases customization and implementation
  • Task 7.2 – Validation Plan
  • Task 7.3 – Modelling of the ATENA prototype
  • Task 7.4 – Validation system implementation
  • Task 7.5 – Validation, demonstration and evaluation resultsBackButton