WP6: Development and components Integration

This Work Package, led by Leonardo, aims to design and develop the ATENA tools suite in accordance with the operational requirements and architectures derived from other work packages.


In this WP all the innovative capabilities regarding access, application and services within ATENA project are designed, developed and integrated. The design of modules will strongly take advantage of the end-user needs because WP will be the core of all the functionalities to satisfy the operational activities to manage and exploit information by the end-users. In this WP will be also performed the integration of the components and mechanisms to be developed in previous WPs and according to the requirements and uses cases previously defined in WP2 and the outcomes of WP5, in order to build a working prototype of the ATENA tool suite ready to be validated in WP7 – by means of performance assessment and other evaluation experiments – in the reference scenarios and Use Cases previously defined in WP2.Tools

Work to do

  1. To develop software artefacts composing the ATENA tools suite, with an adequate maturity level for implementing commercialization strategies. In particular the following tools:
    1. Secure Mediation Gateway
    2. Risk Analysis tools
    3. Distributed Risk Predictor using CISIA-pro
    4. C-P IDS
    5. Adaptors
    6. Semantic Knowledge and Data Repository
  2. To guarantee the integration of the modules and developments
  3. To setup a working pilot covering at least the Business Cases that will be used both for validation against use

Expected results

 ATENA tool suite ready to be validated on test-bed environments made available by the CI operators of the Consortium.

Tasks break done

  • Task 6.1 – ATENA Secure Mediation Network design and development
  • Task 6.2 – Risk analysis tools and distributed Integrated Risk Predictor using CISIApro
  • Task 6.3 – C-P IDS
  • Task 6.4 – Adaptors Development
  • Task 6.5 – Semantic knowledge and data repository design and development
  • Task 6.6 )-  ATENA System Integration