Smart Validation Concept

The ATENA project will use the Smart validation concept that is based on integration of user requirements, use case modelling, advanced emulation of CIs, availability of historical data, with a remote access to the real equipment and resources.

The smart validation concept started in the MICIE project and was successfully implemented and demonstrated in the CockpitCI project. In the CockpitCI project, the CI emulated was the Electrical Distribution Grid. The smart validation will be considerably improved in the ATENA project by adding Electrical production, transmission and low voltage customer electricity production and consumption level.

The main idea of the HEDVa configuration is having the possibility of adding more and more resources without the need of significant changes or re-building measures. An additional idea, is to provide users with a flexible set of resources that are adapted to their requirements.

Potential Resources

  • virtual machines (VM)
  • virtual or real routers and switches connected to the network,
  • storage,
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) or RTU (Remote Terminal Unit),
  • communication network,
  • SCADA HMI application
  • emulator of CI or tools for requirement
  • validation management.

About 100 virtualization pre-configured environments are ready for users’ environment customization. Partners could receive resources and integrate their labs equipment with different HEDVa environments.