Project methodology

The increase of essential services resilience, which should be a main result of ATENA project, will be gained throughout a specific methodology including five incremental steps:

  1. an extensive comprehension of CIs: the identification of adequate resilience and efficiency indicators is the basic step to propose and develop a common modelling approach to assess, predict and control, their resilience and efficiency;
  2. the building of models to predict IACS and CI efficiency under cyber-attack  including asset-dependency and hybrid modeling.
  3. the design of reaction strategies based on the concept of situation assessment-reconfiguration
  4. the development of new technologies:  ICT devices of IACS, new cyber security solutions, secure information sharing devices, risk predictor and Decision Support Systems (DSS)
  5. the introduction of Network Function Virtualization component appliances, distributed across geographically dispersed infrastructure Points of Presence, such as national/regional data centres or Fog-Computing nodes.