Facts and figures of the ATENA Project

Duration: 3 years for 899 person months
Budget: 8.11 Mio€ funded by the European Commission at 6.9 Mio€
Consortium: 7 countries, 3 Universities, 3 Research Centres, 5 International Cie and 2 SME.

Structure of the project

The project divided into eight Work Packages, each managed individualy by one of the projects partners (click on the work package title in the figure for more information). Eventhough ATENA is primarly charachterized as a research and development project, the consortium also pays attention to the dependencies between the eight Work Packages as well as the projects methodology in order to achieve its objectives, especially the definition of an almost commercial software suite for Sensitive Services.

The pillars of the future ATENA system

Based on previous European projects which have stressed on the CIs interdependencies to increase the CIs responsiveness to collateral security incidents (MICIE project) and further on the detection and the QoS prediction in case of cyber attacks to increase the global CIs awareness  (CockpitCI project), ATENA project is based on 5 pillars to develop or refine a set of innovative security tools ready to deploy in the industrial environment :

  • Incremental methodology approach
  • Tools suite conceptual approach
  • Use cases approach
  • Formal Risk assessment approach
  • Smart validation approach

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