Rome, 10th of April, 2019

The 5th public Workshop hosted by Rome Tre University in Rome (see the agenda) has been a successful event with more than 50 participants both form industrial sector and research (mainly from Rome Tre University and CRAT). All the presentation and demo were live for remote observers.

The most important event will be the demonstration of the IADS and Risk Predictor using the IEC TestBed in Israel (via a real-time remote connection).

Esch-sur-Alzette, 18th October 2018

Organized by the University of Luxembourg (SnT) and itrust consulting sàrl, the 3rd ATENA Workshop took place at the University of Luxembourg On Thursday, 18 October. It was composed of a morning session with keynote speeches by Klaus Kursawe of Gridsec and François Thill of the Ministry of Economy, followed by technical presentations of the ATENA work packages and main results. The afternoon session consisted of demonstrations of some of the ATENA tools, followed by short presentations of other related research projects, namely the H2020 project RESISTO and the national projects SGL Cockpit and IDS4ICS. Finally, the day was capped off with a round table involving Klaus Kursawe, Reinhard Hutter, Leonid Lev, and Paolo Pucci, moderated by Carlo Harpes. You can find the program of the Workshop here. Feel free to find out more about this workshop by reading our press-release.

Workshop slides:

Belval (Esch-sur-Alzette)

Rome, 27th of October, 2018

On October 27th, ATENA partners mainly working on the design for tools to improve the security of IACS systems (WP3, see here) hosted a workshop at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. The agenda can be found here.

Among others, the workshop welcomed a guest of honor, M. Pete Herzog, a co-founder of ISECOM and creator of the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM).

Haifa, 29th of January, 2017

On January 29th the international partners of the Atena project, gathered at the IEC facilities in Haifa/ Israel for a four-days long workshop. This workshop session was the second of five workshop sessions that will be held throughout the project and was dedicated to modelling a simulation platform that considers the different infrastructure types (water, gas and electricity) and their possible interdependencies. On top of that, this session allowed the partners from IEC and SWDE to present their validation platform, the expected simulations, possible interdependencies scenarios, etc.

Here a short overview of the Workshop’s schedule:

  • Sunday January 29th: Morning visit of the electricity plant of IEC including the gas and steam turbines by referring to their cogeneration. In the Afternoon, IEC presented their different emulsifiers and software’s (TestBed).
  • Monday January 30th: Morning presentation of IEC’s emulsifiers and software’s. Afternoon presentation from SWDE about their water distribution architecture and their TestBed.
  • Tuesday January 31st: Morning presentation of a multiple use tool that is based on a ROA (Return On Assets) model. This tool is showing some of the multiple interdependencies between gas and electricty infrastructures. Afternoon discussion about the different Atena workpackages: detection, architecture, prediction and mitigation system.
  • Wednesday February 1st: Morning discussion about the future project management and dissemination strategy of the project.

Coïmbra, 5th of April, 2017

During the penury session of ATENA project in Coimbra University, the consortium have organized internal working sessions and a workshop with industrial stakeholders, manufacturers and research organization  the 05/04/2017. The Workshop allowed the consortium to present the different key elements of the project : modeling, detection, risk prediction and hybrid testbed. One of invited speakers allows discussing about the remote monitoring of physical security for distributed networks such as electrical network to avoid natural incident (intrusion of animal in secure area) or malicious intrusion on substation.  The management of the future smart grid in the framework of the new paradigm of distributed energy production has been introduced by one of industrial leader in this domain. Risk management and other topic regarding the improvement of Essential Service resilience has been also discussed during the workshop.
You can find the program of the Workshop here.

Heisdorf (27th of September, 2016) and Verviers (28th & 29th of September, 2016)

On September 27th the international partners of the Atena project, gathered at the CREOS facilities in Heisdorf to get a profound inview about the gas and electricity infrastructure provided and managed by CREOS as well as to define the requirements for advanced security tools. Followed by the workshop meeting on 27th September at CREOS in Heisdorf/Luxembourg, the international project partners of Atena gathered at the facilities of SWDE in Verviers/Belgium from 28th to 29th September. During those two days, the partners were able to further define the requirements for advanced security tools as well as to discuss how the essential service providers SWDE and CREOS will validate the projects results. Feel free to find out more about this workshop by reading our press-release.