ATENA project visibility in National and International Congresses and Conferences

As experts in IACS security, modelling, industrial networks and decision system, ATENA partners attend as speakers or auditors to several national and international congresses, conferences and workshops to present the ATENA project – formally during live presentations, or informally through personal meeting with experts coming from the entire world.

You can find in this page a list of the most important international and national events attended by consortium partners, with a short description of the topics covered. Here you can find also our upcoming attendance to future conferences and congresses where we will be happy to meet you.


Le Nuove Dialettiche per la Protezione delle Infrastrutture Critiche

On May 22nd, Roma Tre University in Rome will host a conference in its Department of Engineering on the new ways of framing the protection needs of Critical Infrastructures. The program can be found here.


On the 26th of January, Prof. Tiago Cruz gave a keynote presentation entitled “Serviços Essenciais, Cidades Inteligentes e Cibersegurança” at the first ENIAP (Encontro Nacional de Informáticos da Administração Pública) conference in Coimbra. The talk was on essential service cybersecurity for public administration IT specialists. The event’s program can be found here.


Industrial Workshop in Rome

On the 21st of November 2018, Mr. Colelli of the University of Roma Tre was invited at an industrial workshop entitled “How specific solutions from Beckhoff can protect SCADA systems from internal and external cyberattacks”, organized at the Palazzo Montemartini in Rome. He gave a talk on the development of Smart Extension exploiting Beckhoff’s PCLs. The event’s agenda can be found here.

ECCWS Pre-Conference Workshops

Tiago Cruz has given a presentation the 27th of June entitled “Cybersecurity for Industrial and Automation Control Systems in the IoT and Big Data era: the ATENA approach” ATENA Workshop at the European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security.Click here

Conference at Coimbra University

Tiago Cruz has given an awareness training entitled “No, we can’t just let you hack your way to doomsday” the 14th of March at the University of Coimbra.
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Conference at Roma Tre University

Stefano Panzieri has given an awareness training entitled “Distributed control of Critical Infrastructures” at the university of Roma Tre.
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Conference in Roma

Stefano Panzieri has given an awareness training entitled “Cyber Security in industrial processes and in military security” the 28th of March at the university of Roma Tre.
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The University of Roma3 will be present to the CRITIS conference event 2017 in Lucca (IT) on 9-13 October and Mr. Stefano Panzieri will give an overview of the ATENA project and of its upcoming results.

The 2017 CRITIS event, hosted by the IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, aims to deal with two main topics i.e. “Present and future scenarios of Cyber Security” and “Infrastructure interdependence in industrial and technological wide areas“. It will also include a specific session for project dissemination, keynotes and other communications events in the CIP and CIIP framework. (more information here)

2017 Partners Attendance

Seminar “Information Security of SCADA systems”

On the 15th of December 2017, Stefano Panzieri of the University of Roma Tre has given a seminar, entitled “Information Security of SCADA systems”, which was organized by ISCOM (High Institute for Communications and Information Technologies) of the Italian Ministry Of Economic Development in Rome. The flyer of the event can be found here.

Conference in Rome

On December 5th, Stefano Panzieri of the University of Roma Tre was invited to talk at a Technical Seminar entitled “Cybersecurity for the protection of integrated ICT and SCADA systems: technical and regulatory aspects in digital transformation” (translated from Italian) which was organized by the Italian Engineer Association of the Province of Rome at the Holiday Inn Roma. For more information on the event, click here.

Colloquia AIIC

On 24th of May 2017, Mrs. F. Pascucci (UNIROMA3) gave a presentation at colloquia organized by the AIIC (the Italian Association of Critical Infrastructures) at the University of Roma Tre. The event’s program can be found here.


University of Roma Tre was present to the CIPRE Expo at La Hagues (Netherland) on 9th to 11th May. Mrs Chiara Foglietta presented the ATENA project and especially an overview of the Decision Support System [DSS] based on the tool CISIA pro developed for several years during the previous European project such as CockpitCI and which should be improved during the ATENA project duration. You can find the abstract of the presentation here here and a some information on CISIA tool here (a video-demo is also available in the video gallery of the site).


As described in the website of the CPRE Expo, this event aimed providing the “up-to-date on the lastest issues, policies and challenges facing the security of Europe’s critical national infrastructure (CNI)” It will also allow “gaining an insight in to what the future holds for Europe’s, the collaboration and support between member nations required to ensure CNI is protected from future threats and how to better plan, coordinate and manage a disaster”.
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The University of Coimbra presented the ATENA project in the 15th IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Management (IM2017) at Lisbon on the 8th to 12th May. During this event, partner will take the opportunity to present the ATENA project framework and focused on the detection strategy to manage growing and smart attack on SCADA systems.

The IFIP/IEEE Symposium stressed on the new technology especially emerging technology and standards used  to manage the cloud and the wireless connection to the network (5G) as mentioned the message of the chairs: “The recent advances in network softwarization enabled by virtualization and cloud architectures provide an appropriate framework for the deployment of the anticipated 5G environment. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) are creating new challenges for network and service management, including the rather recent term “Orchestration”. Some of these challenges can now be addressed by network analytics whereas Artificial Intelligence techniques are gaining traction in the context of networking, paving the way to Cognitive Management, which represents an ultimate solution for network management automation. This also raises the question of data models, languages and APIs which are increasingly implemented in open source environments.” (More information here)

14th CCNC

The University of Coïmbra participated to the 14th Annual IEEE Consumer Communication and Networking Conference at Las Vegas (USA) in January. They presented the lesson learned in the implementation of a NFV [Network Function Virtualization] based on vRGW [Virtual Residential Gateway], lessons learned via the European Projects and relative research activities such as performed in ATENA project.

The CCNC 2017 was mostly oriented to the latest developments and technical solutions in the areas of home networking, consumer networking, enabling technologies (such as middleware) and novel applications and services. It encompassed technical sessions, workshops, keynotes, etc. You can find more information here.

2016 Events


CRITIS has been hosted in Paris, France by the International Union of Railways (Union Internationale des Chemins de fer – UIC) – the worldwide professional association representing the railway sector and promoting rail transport. (complete CRITIS 2016 topic here)

Itrust consulting has presented a Risk analysis methodology and tools applied to Critical Infrastructure and based on Risk Analysis Tool developed by itrust consulting and applied ISO 27005 guideline. The tool has been tested by Luxembourg Smartmeter Service Luxmetering in the framework of national research project.