ATENA : a project in line with the market

According to a recent study performed by Bowery Capital, the market for cyber security is growing very fast and focuses on three main domains for 2018:

  1. Solutions Targeting the Small Business
  2. AI-Based Predictive Cyber Protection
  3. IoT Security Surface

Is ATENA project in line with this emerging market. In first sight, it seems that ATENA project is far away from these three domains: we target large and distributed critical infrastructure such as electrical, water and gas distribution networks. BUT, if we consider the expertise, the knowledge of each partner, the modular design of the solution, solutions provided during this project could also be used to take up this challenge.

  • Small business is based on the same ICT systems, less complicate but targeting by the same attacks using the same vulnerabilities. Risk assessment, vulnerability assessment part of ATENA project remains up to date for small business and easily transposable.
  • Predictive cyber detection using AI: even if ATENA project does not claim to be the new and smart AI solutions, modules use and will use similar process to analyse big numbers of detection events retrieved via the distributed probes, information on vulnerabilities collected into the dark web. Moreover, prediction of systems state is the core business of the prediction tool CISIA pro.
  • IoT surface: European electrical grid is moving step by step to a big smart grid. It will take time but in 10 years, electrical production and consumption will be based on a large smart grid management to optimise resources and reduce power wasting. The wave is here with the adoption of smart meter in most of the European country and the fast development of smart home devices. To manage such solution, electrical network providers will need more and more information coming from specific IoT. Consumers will also use this IoT to control and manage their own environment but will also require more and more security to protect their privacy. Based electrical distribution on smart grid could be risky for providers if a large area of the smart grid is under attack: due to the interconnection and interdependencies of the distribution network, such attack could lead to a large cascading effect with black out consequence. Therefore, oversight of IoT could be very important for providers to detect distributed attack signs before the attack was launched. In that aim, ATENA project research has also considered this by developing a smart home IDS solution in line with privacy by design and by default principles able to retrieve local information on smart-home behaviour and transmit relevant information to providers.

Are we in line with market expectation ? Yes, we are. Are we ready for the market ? We hope soon.


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