Adapt and Transform: National Security and Resilience Conference and challenge dinner in London

Prominent organizations will fail unless modern risk management and governance models incorporate scalable resilience metrics.
The National Security & Resilience Conference, hosted by the National Security & Resilience Consortium (NS&RC), will help you identify the future threats to your organisation and help you strategise and plan for your business security and resilience.


Some of the main conference topics include but are not limited to:

  • The emergence of rapidly changing and adaptable threats
  • The Impact of Brexit on the UK national and corporate security threat and policy
  • Internal Security Management, from Identity Management to Duty of Care
  • Educating and enhancing corporate and national security
  • Why energy security is so important
  • Are we being Smart?
  • Cyber Innovations and Future Proofing against Cyber Threats
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Space and Resilience

Additional information and date:

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